Monday, 28 November 2011

LOVING River Island

Right now I am so into River Islands party wear!! Here are a few things that I picked out please leave a comment and tell me what you think to? :'D
Black Leather Fit And Flare Dress £120
White And Black Print Faux Fur Coat £60
Black Gem Wedge Ankle Boots £100
Light Pink Lace Playsuit £45
Pink Sleeveless Embellished Tank Top £45

Sunday, 27 November 2011


Hello Bloggers :'D, Yes ive joined the Tumblr wave so people follow me and I will follow you back hugs and kisses
Ursula <3

Monday, 21 November 2011

1# Recent Buys

Vintage :OO

Hello fellow bloggers how was your Monday been back at school or work? So today I went mini shopping with my Best friend Beverly and her sister Belmar, since I only had £35 on me I thougt it would be best to do some Christmas shopping. But instead I spent about £10 on me and bought myself this lovely scarf from New Look sale £3 and these feather earring from ALDO for £4, both on sale (BARGAIN ALERT). :'D

Sunday, 20 November 2011


blue gem embellished ballerina pumps  £12

black sleeveless silk shirt £20
black diamante denim hotpants £20

silver creeper brogues £10

gold metallic tank top £10

bright pink angora button back jumper  £17

Shoe Crazee

Comfortable yet fashionable!
Hello Lovelys!
Arent these just gorgeous!! unfortunetly there my mums but they fit me so I would suggest her lock them up :'D. There from dorothy perkins and were on sale surprisingly for £15 from £35 :OO (BARGAIN ALERT), I like them because there quite colour block looking and there COMFORTABLE which is hard to find in a nice pair of heels because mos days they give you blisters and cramps... Nasty

Vintage Outing

Greenwich Markets
Starts to get foggy

So today I went vintage shopping in Greenwich, it was actually nice apart from my mum complaining I'm not wearing enough clothes because I've got a cold =__=, and me not finding anything. But besides that it was a good outing :), there was some interesting things but nothing worth spending my money on, oh maybe a scarf but oh well till next time.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Apple iPhone 4s !!

Side (Meh...)
Front (Beutiful)
Back (Sexyy)

ITS ARRIVED!! (But its my step dads =_=). OK to be honest there's nothing special about it just its got a better camera and Siri <3____<3 , He's my husband :). Joke. But for people who don't know what im talking about Siri is a talking dictionary/assistant. So you ask him things like what the capital of England and his repose is London, or you say set a reminder for Max's school play and he does it and adds in an alarm for you as well. Also comes in black or white (y)

The Little Ballerina Dress

I came across this dress from window shopping and fell in love, its currently in Topshop but only in colours burgundy and black for £90. I was surprised by the fact how it was affordable and yet it looked so red carpet I just had to let you guys know, It goes with some nude heels and a black oversized clutch bag. Please leave comments and tell what you think of this dress :'D

Winter Loungewear

I love my boots, since its the winter I thought I would treat myself to some fluffy indoor boots. These ones are from Primark and were I think £5 or under, they also include pink and red (I wanted the pink ones but the didn't have my size =__=).

TO DIE for leopard print moccasin boots from River Island for £16.99 are stylish, cosy and kinky. For a reasonable price the come with white fur on the inside and an adjustable tongue, as well the leopard print defines the kinkiness about it.

Generally onesies are for babies and toddlers, but now they have upgraded into a massive fashion trend for teen and adults, this particular one is a grey Navajo print hooded onesie from again River Island for £30. I think I might add this one to my Christmas list defo buy ;)

My Passion For Fashion...Magazines :'D

This is how people end up in fashion rehab!!
 Hello my name is Ulla, and I have a magazine addiction :'D
I love my magazines I have a whole library on my shelf its a bit ridiculous but I just cannot help myself Ahaa!
Came straight from heaven!
L.O.V.E Company high street edit its just so informative and not filled with advert e.g. ELLE. It shows you everything you need to know about what's hot, affordable and sophisticated!! (below what you will find in this seasons company high street edit)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

L.O.V.E No.1

Hello Darlings, how are you all doing on this cold day? Since I am currently Ill I have decided to not waste my time watching TV but to do a blog on things that I have seen while internet window shopping (define, when you are looking through the shops on the web but don't buy, just look). This one that I have picked is one that I love while I was looking through the jumpers. Its from river island and is a 'white stripe collared fisherman rib jumper', the price is £35 which is I guess reasonable since its river island :'D.

Ring Ring !!

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo party people! are fingers are feeling lonely, naked or plain?? Maybe a nice ring or 3 would look dashing on those unwanted hands hmm? Rings right now are so in especially those golden eccentric looking ones, that would also go with a lovely blouse and jeans with heels for the night out with your best mate or your secret crush

-Second one on the left from Primark £2
-Third one on the left Primark £2
-One after Topshop sale £4
-Last on on the right From Primark £1.50

Let Moi Introduce Myself ;)

Hello readers and welcome to U La La (pronounced You la la). The name? Well to answer your question my first name is Ulla and most people call me by Ullahoops or U La La :'D.

My friend Leila,yeah those are her glasses from Dior... Tidy!

I enjoy having and spending money, no I don't have a job, I'm 15 in 2 month (EXCITING!!... Well for me), but most of my money comes from my tight butt headed dad, who I love to bits but is a struggle to ask £10 from to go get a snacks -_-. I love shopping, socializing and boys <3____<3, but sometimes its sooooo hard to find that right special boy who makes you laugh when he tells you a terribly joke, smile when you hear his name or even tell you your beautiful when you wake up in the morning looking and feeling like a sack of potatoes. My hobbies are GTL!! (for people who don't watch Jersey Shore Gym, Tan and laundry). Joking, I don't even think that is a hobbies?!? But seriously it would have to be reading magazines and i practically do that religiously, rock climbing, horse riding and skiing surprisingly for a girl who loves the typical teenage girl stuff, readers don't be fooled by the way I look I have a thousands more eccentric thing hidden up my sleeve ;'D, but I will go into that later before I bore you... I probably have /: