Thursday, 17 November 2011

Let Moi Introduce Myself ;)

Hello readers and welcome to U La La (pronounced You la la). The name? Well to answer your question my first name is Ulla and most people call me by Ullahoops or U La La :'D.

My friend Leila,yeah those are her glasses from Dior... Tidy!

I enjoy having and spending money, no I don't have a job, I'm 15 in 2 month (EXCITING!!... Well for me), but most of my money comes from my tight butt headed dad, who I love to bits but is a struggle to ask £10 from to go get a snacks -_-. I love shopping, socializing and boys <3____<3, but sometimes its sooooo hard to find that right special boy who makes you laugh when he tells you a terribly joke, smile when you hear his name or even tell you your beautiful when you wake up in the morning looking and feeling like a sack of potatoes. My hobbies are GTL!! (for people who don't watch Jersey Shore Gym, Tan and laundry). Joking, I don't even think that is a hobbies?!? But seriously it would have to be reading magazines and i practically do that religiously, rock climbing, horse riding and skiing surprisingly for a girl who loves the typical teenage girl stuff, readers don't be fooled by the way I look I have a thousands more eccentric thing hidden up my sleeve ;'D, but I will go into that later before I bore you... I probably have /:


  1. Olla U La La !

    Nice nice nice

    Much love


  2. LOOL thank you coffe london aimee


  3. Your tight butt headed dad loves you too. x